2016 Meeting Dates

Local Meeting dates for 2016:

NOTE: location of meeting is subject to members offering to host the meeting. Directions are provided via email in the week leading up to the meeting. Draft agendas will be sent out at the same time.

State Delegates Council and National Greens meeting dates for 2016:

NOTE: Agendas for the SDCs will be forwarded to members a couple of weeks prior to the SDCs. Members interested in discussing the agenda items can call for a special meeting to discuss the way that Kiama delegates might vote on matters. Kiama Greens members can be authorised to attend and vote. Three signatures are required to endorse delegates.

National Council Sydney 23-24 July

SDC AugustĀ 27-28 – Bowral

SDC (AGM) November 12-13 – Glebe Town Hall