The Greens policies at Local, State and Federal level are underpinned by four main principles:


Greens Councillors on Kiama Council have for the last 12 years applied these principles to policy development and decision making.

Representatives of Kiama Greens have worked with Council on community committees in the formulation of the current Local Environment Plan prior to its adoption in 1996 and were successful in achieving a level of protection for our natural areas which was recognised at a national level as first class.

The municipality is currently experiencing an unprecedented level of pressure for increased development both as part of State Government Policy and as the area is more and more seen as a prime location for speculative development by the development industry.

Unfortunately some of the speculative development comes from outside the area and involves those who have no personal committment to the social wellbeing of the existing community. Other development proposals make use of State Government legislation which effectively takes away the Council's role as a determining authority. Kiama Council will be faced over the next decade or two with a rising level of community concern as control over the area's destiny is seen to be in the hands of others.

Kiama Greens Councillors are committed to applying the four principles outlined above, where possible maintaining the opportunity for public participation in decision making and highlighting those times when the development industry wishes to over-ride the rights of the community.

In response to some of the current and predicted concerns, Kiama Greens have developed a number of policies and positions which would form the basis of actions taken by Greens Councillors elected to the new Kiama Council. These are in no way to be seen as all encompassing, nor do they cover the full range of issues that the new Council is likely to be confronted with over the next four years. They will however give an idea of the manner in which Greens Councillors will approach their role as elected representatives.

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