Monique Dare-Ward

Monique lives in Jamberoo with her husband and 3 young children. She belongs to an established local farming family and recently moved to her father’s childhood home in the Valley where her forbearers have farmed for the past century and a half.

She will offer a voice for both the established and newer citizens of the Kiama LGA. Monique is completing a double degree in Law and Environment and Resource Studies. She has worked with both large organisations such as Greenpeace and the United Nations as well as smaller but vitally important local action groups such as Jamberoo Future Care.

Monique is an active parent, participating in local school activities and fundraisers as well as having scouting, musical and sporting commitments.

“I am firmly committed to the belief that to achieve large changes in the world you have to be true to local issues. For me it is crucial to recognise and protect the values of our incredibly diverse region. This requires a long term approach to the protection and management of our rural land, heritage areas, environment and urban spaces.

Kiama LGA needs an approach to development that recognises individual and regional self-sufficency and sustainability in the areas of energy, food production, water and transport. (continued over…) I support a local approach to issues such as sustainability, housing affordability, access to different types of housing, community gardens and local food production, cultural pursuits and activities, and the formation of a positive plan of action which prepares the community for the impending fuel crisis, climate change and ballooning population pressures.

I totally oppose any plans to amalgamate Kiama council with neighbouring council areas, as we would loose the ability to protect our very individual and diverse region from inappropriate development. For these reasons and others I have decided to stand as a candidate in the Kiama Council election. I will bring to Council energy, passion, commitment and a principled approach to our local area, along with a longstanding and genuine grass roots connection with the issues facing local people and their families.”