Biodiversity Legislation Workshop June 20

The Gerroa Environmental Protection Society will be holding a workshop in association with the NSW Environmental Defenders Office at the Gerroa Neighbourhood Hall on Monday June 20 at 6PM to inform residents about the new State Biodiversity and land clearing legislation.

The State Government is scrapping the Threatened Species Conservation and Land Clearing Acts and part of the National Parks and Wildlife Act and replacing them with a watered down Biodiversity Conservation and amended Local Land Services Acts. These changes will lead to extensive land clearing, loss of biodiversity and increase atmospheric CO2.

This ADO workshop is to inform people about these laws and to provide material and suggestions to help make a submission by June 28.

Further information can be obtained at:

State Government public consultation sessions
The State Government will also be holding public consultation session at Nowra Showground Pavilion, West St, Nowra on June 2nd between 5:00 and 7:30PM and we encourage people to attend this session and express their concerns.

NSW Government website

One thought on “Biodiversity Legislation Workshop June 20

  1. Lesley Willing

    As a Kiama resident, I am alarmed at the number of feral Norfolk Island Pines being planted. Whilst some trees would have ‘historical’ significance, their introduction to mainland Australia have been compared to foxes and rabbits. These towering 50m giants scorch 20m around them, providing nothing for our bird life and suppressing natural biodiversity. Since 2008 We (and no doubt streets of neighbours around us) have noticed hundreds of these monsters, planted by Council around foreshores completely obliterating our coastal views. We have a habit of rising every morning with a cupboard to watch the sun rise. Beautiful. We can actually project with the new planting season around the Showgrounds that we will lose our view and are contemplating selling and moving on. How sad! Why is Council planting feral trees?

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