This week marked an embarrassing and reckless new low in Australian climate and energy policy.

The government appointed panel led by a climate change denier and fossil fuel lobbyist has just released a review calling on our government to completely undermine our Renewable Energy Target. Want to do something about it? 

Watch this video to find out how you can make climate action history:

This week marked an embarrassing and reckless new low in Australian climate and energy policy. 

Earlier this week the New York Times editorialised that Australia’s “energy policy is now essentially in shambles” and that our country, which once led the world in the fight for a clean energy future, has now chosen to be an “outlier” country on global action.1 

Turns out, they’re not wrong. Just yesterday, well-known climate change denier Dick Warburton – the man our Prime Minister tasked with leading what should have been an objective review of our Renewable Energy Target – released a devastatingly regressive report with recommendations that could bankrupt our renewable energy industry and hike up costs for consumers in the long run.2 

All of this, just three weeks before high profile political, business and civil society leaders from around the globe will be converging in New York City for the UN Emergency Climate Summit. President Obama will be there, the Premier of China will be there. Chances are, Prime Minister Abbott won’t show up. 

But we will. In fact, we’ll show up like never before. 

How long will we let our government get away with turning back the clock before we stand up, demand better, and take action into our own hands? 

Not long. In fact, we’re about to get active on a scale like never before. And it’s not just Australians – we’ll be kicking off a massive global day of action by marching in solidarity with everyday citizens in Delhi, London, Johannesburg, New York and all around the world. And it starts on September 21st – right here, in Australia. 

We have an ambitious plan to make it happen and we need your help. Watch this video to hear the plan and get excited about how you can help change the course of history: 

The coordinated global events on September 21st, beginning in Australia, will launch a deep, strategic grassroots plan that will promote and support a clean energy future for Australia right through the state elections and up to the next federal election. It’s going to take a lot of time, energy, resources and support, but we can’t sit back any longer because to change everything, it will take everyone. 

How will we do it? 

It starts with the events themselves – small and large, from Bendigo to the Sunshine Coast, Manly to Perth – including a massive flagship march in Melbourne. 

From there, our plan goes door-to-door, with a sustained marginal seat organising programme, putting climate action on the agenda for state elections, and showing everyday Australians how they can switch their energy providers from fossil fuel intensive ones to cleaner, greener (and cheaper!) options. 

Watch this video now to find out how you can help make this plan a reality! 

Now is our opportunity to step it up and take matters into our own hands. This change that needs to be won for the people, must be won by the people. And like any large and important movement in history, it will require boots on the ground for sustained, loud and strategic pressure. 

As Australia comes together as a nation, its citizens standing strong against the regressive actions of our government, we’ll be joined by millions of people in cities across the world in a global demonstration of people power. If we’re successful, this global day of action has the power to impact climate action on a local, national and international scale. 

But to change everything, we need everyone. We need you: 

Thanks for making history, 

Erin, Kelsey, Alycia and Sally for the GetUp team. 

PS – In all likelihood, the Renewable Energy Target will be up for debate at exactly the time we mobilise on September 21. This makes it even more important that we band together like never before to prove that we won’t let this one go down without a fight. Can you help? 

1. Australia’s Retreat on Emissions, The New York Times, 10 August 2014.
2. Tens of thousands of Australians urge Abbott Government to reject changes to RET, Clean Energy Council, 28 August 2014.

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