Local Employment Policy

Kiama Greens Local Employment Policy


To make the Kiama LGA a highly self-sustainable area for employment with a focus on the newer “clean and green” employment opportunities as well as the more traditional employment associated with tourism and local agriculture.

To encourage small-footprint, high-value business and employment opportunities that take advantage of the NBN and help smaller “cottage industries” in arts, craft, niche products, and services to pool their resources to improve marketing and create steady employment.

Kiama Greens Recognise:

  1. The social, family and economic cost to individuals and local business, of travelling long distances for employment and that an increasing number of Kiama residents, particularly younger people, need to leave the district to seek employment;
  2. The negative impact on local business and services to residents that the lack of employment opportunities has on community viability;
  3. The importance of Kiama Municipal Council as a major local employer that provides stable employment and supports community services and contracts;
  4. As oil becomes scarce and fuel prices rise, local food production and employment will become a serious economic imperative; and
  5. As the consequences of climate change impact on the nation’s agricultural output in traditional agricultural areas such as the Murray Darling Basin, there will be an increased demand and need for major investment in locally produced food in the Kiama region with its fertile soils, good rainfall and proximity to major urban areas.

Kiama Greens will work to:

  1. Encourage the recognition of the importance of farming and the revitalisation of our agricultural industry, to take advantage of peak oil and climate change opportunities through crop diversification, local food production and organic farming.
  2. Facilitate opportunities for local farmers to investigate alternative methods of production.
  3. Cooperate with other LGAs and the State Government to encourage investment and establishment of new “clean” jobs in a local renewable energy production and support industries, through the establishment of a wind power industry.
  4. Encourage investment and development that attracts entrepreneurial professionals and businesses to the district that will bring new, permanent, high-tech and attractive jobs to the Kiama LGA.
  5. Encourage permanent skilled jobs rather than casual holiday service jobs.
  6. Encourage low-impact tourist operations that are sensitive to heritage and the natural environment.
  7. Encourage strategies for boutique accommodation, tourism businesses, rural farm-stays, eco-activities, etc, that would provide better, higher skilled and permanent employment. The focus would be on developments which have minimal impact on local amenity and way of life of permanent residents.

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