Transparency, Accountability and Governance Policy

Kiama Greens Transparency, Accountability and Governance Policy


To maintain Kiama Council as an autonomous and independent Council based on a foundation of principled and transparent decision making informed by the process of democratic participation by the local community.

To be part of a Council which the community can see representing everybody, not just sectional interests and be part of a council that is seen to act in a consistent manner across its areas of influence.

That Kiama Council continue to acknowledge the value of community assets such as Blue Haven Retirement Village and the Kiama Leisure Centre being in the hands of the community.

Kiama Greens Recognise:

  1. The strong community support for an independent Kiama Council and opposition to amalgamation with another council;
  2. That the special character and qualities of the Kiama LGA are best represented by an independent Council of locally and democratically elected representatives;
  3. That Kiama Council has demonstrated resilience and integrity in the face of reduced community confidence in local government in other areas;
  4. The council is the largest employer in the LGA; and
  5. That Local Government is constantly under financial pressure from cost shifting, rate pegging and demand for new services.

Kiama Greens will work to:

  1. Resist all attempts at forced amalgamation of Kiama Council with any other neighbouring council and will not support any other proposal to negotiate such an amalgamation.
  2. Maintain an open and transparent approach to decision-making that respects the community and creates confidence in the Council.
  3. Work actively to increase the community’s access to online documentation via Kiama Council’s website to assist in community feedback to development applications.
  4. Maintain a high level of consultation with the community and ensure that the community is provided with adequate information regarding Council’s decisions.
  5. Encourage and support Council’s entrepreneurial activities and existing business units that help to provide a sound financial basis for its budget.
  6. Ensure that Councillors behave with the utmost integrity in their dealings with individuals or companies with development interests in the municipality.
  7. Ensure that Council decisions are logical and consistent over time and that they are in line with Council’s own policies so as not to undermine the credibility of the Council in the eyes of the community, the Government and the courts.
  8. Ensure that Kiama Council continues to work constructively with neighbouring councils in the sharing of recources and skills to reduce the impact of increasing costs and the need to duplicate services and equipment.
  9. Ensure that Council continues to assess needs and provide services where they are needed the most.
  10. Ensure that important community assets such as Blue Haven Retirement Village, the Kiama Leisure Centre, Council Community Transport, Jerrara Dam and Caravan Parks remain in Council (community) ownership.

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