About the campaign

Funding: The Kiama Greens Council election campaign is fully funded by local members and local supporters. The Greens do not accept donations from companies or corporations and for local campaigns there is no funding provided by the NSW Greens.

Printing and other media matters: For the 2021 campaign, Kiama Greens have sourced 800mm x 500mm cardboard signs (core flutes) for poling booths and supporters’ front yards. At poling booths we will be using some normal recycled “issues” based signs from previous elections where they are related to Local Government matters.

We use recycled paper for all of our printed media and How to Vote cards.

Policies: All of the policy statements made during our campaign are locally developed. As a local group within the larger Greens organisation we have full autonomy over the organisation of our campaign and the ideas we present to the community.

Some of our members have been actively involved in developing Greens NSW policies for State and Federal elections and we do not hesitate to use at a local level the experience and background that goes into that work

Preference¬†recommendations: Our HowToVote cards will provide some recommendations to voters as to how they should exercise their preference allocation. The Kiama Greens do not enter into “deals” with other groups for the exchange of preferences and we are in no way directed to allocate preferences by the larger Greens organisation. All such decisions are made by our local group members.