Heritage and Cultural Policy


That Kiama LGA has a vibrant cultural life that reflects the needs of all groups in the community and which actively supports the creativity of our citizens.

That broad respect and understanding exists:

  • for the cultural heritage of the area, both Indigenous and European, leading to appropriate levels of protection for important cultural icons.
  • for the built heritage of the area leading to appropriate levels of protection for important cultural sites and precincts.

Kiama Greens recognise:

  • That the cultural life of our community is in need of greater support from all levels of Government;
  • That there is need for professional support for our cultural and heritage assets such as public art items, temporary and permanent display of Council-owned assets, the Pilot’s Cottage Museum and Gerringong’s Heritage Museum;
  • That a sense of place and identity is important for community cohesion;
  • The high value placed on history and heritage by the Kiama community;
  • The existing importance of local festivals, performances, art exhibitions, film and new media screenings in the cultural life of Kiama;
  • The importance of libraries in the cultural life of the community and the community benefit that would flow from demanding protected and indexed funding from the State Government.
  • That further availability of creative spaces for exhibitions, performances, rehearsals and workshops, is needed within the Local Government Area.

Kiama Greens will work to:

  • Review and update the BISI Cultural Plan (2017 – 2020) and ensure implementation of its strategies.
  • Recognise the importance of the culture of local First Nations people and to develop links with the local First Nations people community.
  • Support the development of a Reconciliation Action Plan for Kiama.
  • Support the development of cultural trails which inform both residents and visitors and seek innovation in the way Kiama heritage stories are told, recognising the social, architectural, Indigenous and European facets of Kiama’s history.
  • Support the construction of a multi-purpose Cultural Facility that annexes the old fire station with the ambulance station site at Hindmarsh Park.
  • Recognise and support the artistic achievements of the residents of the Kiama LGA to the same degree that sporting and business achievements are recognised.
  • Emphasise planning for heritage protection and support for heritage restoration projects, throughout the implementation of the Kiama Town Centre Plan.
  • Remove legislative loopholes that allow premature demolition of items of potential heritage value.
  • Develop programs for all ages which encourage creative learning and participation in the arts.
  • Find ways of diversifying funding to the community via the Cultural Grants Program.
  • Support the Renew our Libraries ongoing campaign for adequate funding and enrichment of the role libraries play in the cultural, social and educational well-being of the community.
  • Promote awareness of the different cultural backgrounds of the municipality’s villages and towns.
  • Seek annual funding for a part-time museum officer at the Pilot’s Cottage Museum and Gerringong Heritage Museum, and ways to create and market innovative heritage programs, especially in winter.

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