Finance Management & Economic Development policy

Finance Management & Economic Development policy


  • Kiama Council continues to have sound financial management resulting in annual operating surpluses, available cash to fund current and future services and asset maintenance and renewals, and meets the financial targets for remaining fit for the future
  • Kiama Council maintains control of its revenue raising and investment decisions e.g. no future merger
  • No privatisation of any Council assets that generate income for community benefit
  • Financial decisions consider long term impact on future generations to ensure intergenerational equity
  • That our community can rely on the integrity of Council’s financial budgeting and reporting, and is assured of Council’s robust financial risk management arrangements
  • Kiama local government area has a vibrant economic sector, that reflects community needs, but not at the expense of public amenity
  • Councillors and Council management make decisions that are thoughtful, transparent and financially responsible

Kiama Greens Recognise:

  • The important contribution that tourism makes to the local economy (refer separate Tourism Policy)
  • The social, economic and physical environments in which we live shape our health and mental wellbeing
  • Kiama Council is the largest employer in the local government area
  • The way people work is changing, with less need to commute for those in office-based roles, and Kiama’s NBN offers opportunities to foster local economic development
  • Inadequate public transportation can result in isolation, loss of opportunities and economic hardship for many in our community
  • That Local Government is under financial pressure from cost shifting by other levels of Government, reduced State and Federal funding, rate pegging and demand for new services
  • The importance of being part of the Illawarra Shoalhaven Joint Organisation to promote and foster a collaborative and cooperative approach to procurement and services for the benefit of our community
  • The importance of Council business that generates income, such as Blue Haven, holiday parks, the Pavilion and Waste Services (e.g. subcontracted street sweepers that work across the Illawarra Shoalhaven Region)
  • The importance of facilities and services provided by Council that are integral to our culture and lifestyle, regardless of their profit-making capability e.g. Kiama Leisure Centre, parks, sporting fields, libraries, youth and aged services.
  • The importance of supporting local education providers to meet the needs of our community

Kiama Greens will work to:

  • Ensure that Councillors receive comprehensive and accurate financial reports
  • Re-establish the Long Term Financial Planning Committee to ensure community engagement and input into the review and update of the Kiama Long Term Financial Plan 2018-2028
  • Identify the positive outcomes and economic benefits of moving to a low carbon economy
  • Support initiatives to transition Kiama Council to a post carbon economy
  • Divest Council investments away from institutions that fund fossil fuel and towards those that invest in renewable energy and other ethical investments
  • Promote and financially support community events that encourage social connection, including festivals, art and cultural projects, sporting and events promoting diversity
  • Support seeking grant funding for projects that provide community benefit, through advocating for the appointment of a grants officer to council
  • Investigate future residential and business development in locations such as the Bombo Quarry site, to reduce development’s impact on farmlands and rural amenity and consider making the most of our available NBN capabilities e.g. developing an IT/technology precinct
  • Encourage Kiama Council to take the lead on the development of Bombo Quarry, by brining all the stakeholders together, developing a concept plan and ensuring broad community engagement
  • Ensure Kiama Council’s workforce management is appropriate to ensure provision of local programs and services
  • Preserve the long-term economic and ecological sustainability of our precious agricultural land
  • Investigate providing incentives for farmers to diversify towards ecologically and economically sustainable farming methods and support programs that restore degraded ecosystems and habitat
  • Promote council policies that encourage off-peak tourism by creating and marketing events that celebrate the municipality’s distinctive character. The focus should be on cultural events, heritage and arts trails, nature-based activities, celebrating locally produced food, and sports events, including promotion of the region as a key destination for cyclists
  • Encourage, support and further develop Council’s entrepreneurial activities and business units that provide key services and generate income to help diversify and support council’s budget
  • Encourage low impact, low scale tourism developments based around the coastal and agricultural lifestyles and natural features of the area.
  • Ensure that any special future rate variation, if justified, considers the impact on the disadvantaged and consider possible rebates to help offset the financial impact
  • Ensure future Council economic development strategies consider reducing youth unemployment


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