Kathy Rice and Jodi Keast elected to Kiama Council

In possibly the best results for Kiama Greens in 30 years, Kathy Rice and Jodi Keast have been elected to Kiama Council with Tanya George missing a third spot by 8 votes.









Results as at Sunday 12 December:

Kiama Greens Councillors are committed to:

  • Listening to the community and building trust.
  • Conserving Kiama’s quality farmland and rural landscape character.
  • Taking climate change seriously by promoting action to address it and to mitigate its impacts.
  • Looking after the environment and Kiama’s rich biodiversity.
  • Supporting community health and well-being.
  • Promoting a cultural life that gives meaning to local people.
  • Promoting quality urban planning and design.
  • Making decisions thoughtfully and with integrity

Kiama Greens councillors will support these values because they believe that they matter to our community.

What has been happening in the campaign.

Election Night Results

Kiama Greens Councillors share a rich 30 year history placing community interests at the forefront of their decision making. 2021 results are possibly the best results we have achieved in those 30...
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Kiki does the Kiama Greens

Kiki Bittovabitsch interviews the Kiama Greens team for the local government elections 4 Dec 2021 This is the short Version (Long version below) Kiki Bittovabitsch interviews the Kiama Greens team...
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Kathy Rice in interview with Mark Greaves from Central Precinct

The lead candidate for each of the 7 teams did an interview for the Central Precinct. Kathy's interview is available below: Click here for the interview
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Kiama Greens announce preference recommendations for the 2021 Council elections.

Our recommendations reflect the fact that the Council consists of 9 Councillors. Nothing can really be achieved in isolation and it is important that we work co-operatively with other Councillors...
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Crystal Wilson talks about why she is standing as a candidate in 2021

Crystal Wilson sees an important role for women and young people in guiding the future of Kiama and being a part of Kiama Council. Listen to Crystal explain her thoughts...
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Jodi Keast shares her skills and experiences

Learn about Jodi Keast's skills and experience that will guide her as a Councillor. She is 2nd on the Kiama Greens ticket in the Kiama Local Government Election on 4...
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Kathy Rice explains the motivation behind her candidature

Kathy Rice is the lead candidate on the Kiama Greens team. She has served two terms as a councillor and in this video explains the priorities and motivation behind her...
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Kiama Greens release policy statements

Kiama Greens have developed a policy framework called "What Matters". To provide more detail there are a number of more detailed statements now available on the campaign website. The framework...
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