Kiama Greens announce preference recommendations for the 2021 Council elections.

Our recommendations reflect the fact that the Council consists of 9 Councillors. Nothing can really be achieved in isolation and it is important that we work co-operatively with other Councillors to achieve the best out comes.

You can maximise the effectiveness of your vote by NOT limiting your vote to just one preferred team. By indicating a 2nd, 3rd and more preferences your vote might then influence the election of other candidates with similar policies or approaches to important issues.

Kiama Greens will not do deals to attract the preferences of other teams, however we will be forthright about the candidates that we feel we can work constructively with. We recognise that it is the voter who ultimately determines the preferences that you wish to allocate and our How To Vote card is just a recommendation.

The 2021 “How to Vote” preference suggestions can be found here.

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