2012 Election Policies


All Greens policies are based on the four key ideals of ecological sustainability, social and economic justice, grassroots democracy and peace and non-violence.

These are ideas that everyone supports and the Greens want to help bring these to the Municipality of Kiama. Some of the main policies important to this year’s Council elections include:

  1. Planning – our local community should continue to have a say about proposed development.
  2. Limiting urban sprawl – to ensure new development has good access to amenities, protect valuable rurallands, and maintain the unique character of the area which is important for tourism.
  3. Not selling off community assets such as the Leisure Centre, Blue Haven and the Holiday Parks.
  4. Independence, good governance, sound financial management and respect for community.

Kiama Greens have developed a number of policy statements which provide a background to the ideas that they will bring to their role as Councillors.

These statements are guides to the directions that Greens Councillors might take when dealing with these matters. There is NO obligation imposed by these documents on Councillors when voting.

We believe that these matters should form the basis of community discussion when considering how we should be “Securing our Future”.

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