2012 Print Media Downloads

This page contains links to documents and advertisements that have been part of the campaign to date.

Click on the link to initiate a download of the document.

Most of the documents are in pdf form and will either download to your computer or be displayed in your browser window depending on the settings. Right clicking will usually bring up a menu that allows you to choose.

Press Releases:

Council Team Announcement 



Main Election leaflet



Kiama Independent P12 August 22nd

Kiama Independent P3 August 22nd

Kiama Independent TV Guide August 22nd

Kiama Independent P12 August 29th

Kiama Independent P3 August 29th

Kiama Independent TV Guide August 29th

Kiama Independent P12 September 5th

Gerringong Whispers 3rd September


How to Vote Card:

Greens How to Vote Card for 8th September

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