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Contact Andrew

Andrew Sloan

Andrew is a civil engineer from Kiama with a young family. He has more than 20 years experience in water and environmental management, and holds a Master’s Degree in planning and local government law.

The village feel that we have is under threat from proposed changes to State planning laws and my skills and experience in this area will be useful in the fight to keep decision making local and representative of the community’s priorities.

I will never support the use of your rates money for the purpose of subsidising developer costs, which is also being considered by the State Government.

My other key priorities include improving facilities for families with children, improving water quality in our estuaries and on our beaches, and keeping Blue Haven and the Leisure Centre community owned.

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Contact Kathy

Kathy Rice

Kathy is local science teacher who moved to Kiama Downs with her partner and two sons 15 years ago.  She is experienced in community management of health and environmental organisations and her special passion is to increase the production of fresh, nutritious food across the whole Kiama region.

Kathy will actively support:

  • New urban developments that utilise sustainable concepts.
  • Continued improvement in Energy, Water and Waste efficiency across the community.
  • Engagement of seniors as mentors in sustainability projects.
  • Enhanced youth participation in Council.
  • Protection of biodiversity.
  • Continued cultural development.

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Contact Paula

Paula Gowans

Paula is a respected artist and active member of Kiama’s Cultural Board, who has years of experience in urban design, heritage planning, and community cultural development,

“I am running for Council on the Greens Ticket because I think local government is crucial to ensuring our community thrives culturally and economically long into the future. In Kiama, the Greens have a proud history of putting the community’s needs first, especially the need for a beautiful, clean, and healthy environment” said Paula.

“For me, “environment”  includes our cultural and social surroundings. I love the cultural richness and vibrancy of our community. Each of the towns and villages has its own vibe that deserves fostering through cultural initiatives in the arts and creative industries. The arts are a growth area that contributes to represent all that’s good and joyful about our community”.

Paula has always been a strong supporter of local government and an advocate for community participation in the decisions that affect our everyday lives.

“I appreciate the Greens achievements in the Municipality to date, and would do my best to continue in the same vein” she says.

Paula’s Web Site

Contact Len

Len de Roover

Len is a retired builder, with a commitment to sustainability and the protection of agricultural lands from urban sprawl.

He supports the establishment of aged care facilities and community housing projects.

“I am aware of our aging population so facilities, transport and services for the aged are close to my heart.

Local councils have a great responsibility to govern for the whole community in a fair and balanced way” says Len.

Len is currently the coordinator for the ROMEOS (Retired Old Men Eating Out), men on their own, mainly from  Mayfower Village.


Contact Pat

Pat Dunn

Pat has worked as a Nursing Sister and also in Human Resource Management.  She has lived in Gerringong for 13 years and is active in the local community volunteering in the Nearly New Shop, at the Mayflower Retirement Village and with Gerringong Red Cross and is a member of the Gerringong Uniting Church.
Pat currently supports the campaign for a moratorium on coal seam gas exploration and mining as she believes it is vital to preserve the integrity of our agricultural land and our water catchment areas.
“I believe it is important to preserve the present southern border of Gerringong; to stand up against proposals to amalgamate Kiama Council with others and to prevent the sale by Council of public assets.”

Contact Warren

Warren Holder

Warren, a retired schoolteacher, is a long time resident of Gerroa and well known champion windsurfer.

Warren is Chairperson of the Gerroa Environment Protection Society.

Warren has committed himself to the preservation of our local environment including what remains of the Swamp Mahogany-Paperbark Forest, an endangered ecological community at Gerroa where sand mining takes place and more recently to the unnecessary urban expansion onto prime agricultural lands between Gerringong and Gerroa.

Warren has been the Australian Wavesailing Champion many  times, winning the Australian Masters Wavesailing and the Australian Ancient Mariners Windsurfer One design Championships in 2011.

His commitment to a healthy community has been recognised by Life Memberships of CHS (Squash) and The Wave Sailing Association.

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