2021 Policy Detail

Kiama Greens have updated our policy framework for the next term of Council. Many of these policies represent the priorities of our Councillors over many years.

Some policies relate to improvements in the way that the Council carries out its statutory functions, while others relate to Council ’s capacity to influence state authorities, represent community aspirations and develop new ways of thinking about problems, new enterprises and new services.

It is encouraging to note that many of the policies and opportunities for community consultation that Kiama Greens Councillors have advocated over 30 years are now firmly embedded in the Kiama Local Strategic Planning Statement 2020 and the Community Engagement Strategy.

Click on the following links and the policy will open in a new window.

Each policy statement is in three parts

  • a statement of aspiration,
  • a statement of what we hold to be true and
  • then a list of things that our Councillors would like to achieve or initiate with community input and the support of fellow Councillors.


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