How to help

There are a number of ways to help elect Kiama Greens councillors.

  • Offer to help by working on a polling booth on Saturday 4th December,
  • Be part of the pre-poll roster which goes from Monday 22nd November to Friday 3rd December,
  • Offer to help at functions and stalls during the campaign,
  • Be active on Social Media in support of the policies of our candidates,
  • Offer to help with letterboxing campaign leaflets,
  • Provide suggestions for policy development,
  • Offer to have a campaign sign in your front yard. NOTE: Kiama Greens will be only using cardboard signs during this Council election and all printed material will be on recycled paper.
  • Donate to the campaign and contribute to the production costs of campaign materials and advertising, To donate, use the green button on the lower right.

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