Community Transport Policy


Kiama Greens aspire to the formation of a web of safe, easily accessible, fuel efficient and low cost community transport mechanisms linking:

  • isolated individuals and families to facilities and their larger community, and
  • the villages and townships of the municipality with the main Kiama urban area.

Kiama Greens Recognise:

  • Inadequate transportation generates increasing isolation and economic hardship for rural communities.
  • The valuable role that community transport currently plays in ensuring access to services for the aged, disabled and low income members of our community;
  • That there continues to be limited public transport to certain townships particularly Gerroa, Kiama Heights and Jamberoo and within Kiama itself;
  • Rapidly rising fuel prices create isolating and disadvantageous situations for many of the Kiama LGA’s residents by putting access to shops, education and medical services, employment centres, cultural events and community activities out of reach, in particular younger people, seniors and low income families;
  • Community transport and access to safe, inexpensive and reliable systems of getting around will enhance all aspects of community life as it increases individuals’ access to the broader community and their exposure to life enhancing opportunities such as education, cultural events, employment and training and social contact;
  • The formation of a comprehensive, locally tailored community transport system will aid in the community’s transition from their dependence on cars to a more local, sustainable and self-sufficient system with a reduced carbon footprint;
  • Whilst public transport systems are very important and generally are state funded and maintained, a more local approach is also needed in order to address the limitations of established public transport infrastructure and services; and
  • That it may be more energy efficient locally to have a broad definition of public transport and include taxis, shared cars, ride networks, autonomous vehicles and other variants in a transport plan.
  • That a well developed cycleways network can provide transport options for many people associated with travel to work and recreation.

Kiama Greens will work to:

  • Support the existing community transport service.
  • Provide greater community transport options based around the emerging technology of electric vehicles.
  • Lobby for a network of charging stations to support an electric vehicle fleet
  • Assist in the facilitation and organisation of a reliable network of community transport systems linking communities directly to their sources of food, services, education and employment.
  • Lobby the relevant State Departments for the required funds and grants necessary for the creation of such community transport.
  • Ensure the public is provided with the information, timetabling and structure of the various community run and managed transport systems in order to maximise their accessibility and functionality.
  • Promote the availability and benefits of alternative transport systems including cycling, walking, car pooling, public and community transport.
  • Develop a network of storage facilities for people using bicycles and e-bikes to travel around the LGA for work and recreation.

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