The things that matter.

The following document provides an insight into the main principles that Kiama Greens candidates, if elected, will be applying to their work as Councillors. This list of “things that matter” will be further developed during the campaign as a result of the interaction between the team and the community.

What matters, a summary of commitments and actions

Listening and building trust

  • listen to residents and consult before making important decisions affecting their amenity and wellbeing
  • be open, transparent and accountable
  • focus on good governance, long term planning and stewardship
  • work with staff to develop timely, respectful and co-operative relationships between Council and the community
  • respect community organisations’ input into policies and decisions
  • promote greater transparency of Council decision making through improved community consultation

Supporting community health and wellbeing

  • promote and improve the wellbeing and safety of young people, adults, and our communities
  • provide support services for the young and aged
  • recognise the importance of mental health services and support the establishment of headspace services for Kiama LGA
  • promote healthy lifestyles through cycleways, walking trails and other sporting activities
  • support the ideals of the Healthy Cities program

Promoting a cultural life that gives meaning to local people

  • value and respect cultural and gender diversity on Council and in the community
  • support the arts, local entertainment and libraries
  • value and protect our cultural heritage
  • acknowledge our pre and post colonial history, listen to local First Nations People and support a Reconciliation Action Plan for Kiama

Conserving Kiama’s quality farmland and rural landscape character

  • continue working to protect agricultural lands from urban sprawl and industrialisation
  • maintain the high-quality soils in Jamberoo, Rose Valley and between Gerringong and Gerroa for food production
  • respect the community’s long term wish to protect the farmland between the villages and towns of the LGA
  • investigate future residential development in locations such as the Bombo Quarry site, to reduce the impact on farmlands and rural amenity

Taking climate change seriously

  • help the community become more energy efficient
  • work to make our council “carbon neutral”
  • plan for climate change impacts on our coastal community
  • ensure Council policies acknowledge climate change impacts
  • develop policies that help our community reduce its impact on the climate and establish Council as a role model in that regard

Looking after the environment

  • care for and protect our forests, wetlands, rivers, coastline and scenic landscapes
  • increase support for Landcare groups and weed eradication
  • protect coastal dune vegetation from vandalism
  • plant more vegetation and care for the vegetation we have
  • support programs aimed to reduce the loss of local biodiversity

Promoting high quality sustainable urban planning, design and housing

  • prioritise “liveable” urban areas and housing over developer profit
  • value and protect our built heritage
  • provide for affordable rental options in new residential development
  • embed quality urban planning outcomes in Council’s planning rules
  • improve connectivity within and between urban areas
  • promote community understanding of the NSW Planning System
  • highlight a long term strategic approach to land use planning and encourage community input into the development of those plans

Making decisions thoughtfully, transparently and with integrity

  • respect the requirements of the Local Government Act to vote independently
  • be financially responsible
  • consider every issue on its merits
  • respect existing council policies, noting the need for consistency in decision making
  • be open and transparent about the reasons why decisions are made

Greens endorsed Councillors work within four main guiding principles. These are:


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